How It Works


Connect your utility

Connect your local utility account so we can monitor your usage.


We source wind energy

We match your usage to either 50% or 100% wind energy every month.


Reduce your impact

You can monitor your impact, usage, and wind energy projects in your dashboard.

Support Wind Energy Today

Sign up for 50% or 100% wind energy in 2 minutes and reduce your impact today.

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Here's what people are saying

Arcadia Power makes clean energy accessibility easy and is a creative way to support the industry while it grows in our current energy landscape!



Arcadia Power ensures my energy usage comes from clean, renewable energy at no additional cost without having to switch my utility provider. It’s so important to protect the environment through clean energy technology, and it couldn’t be easier than through Arcadia Power!



I sleep easier at night knowing that we use 100% wind energy through Arcadia Power. I love the newsletters that inform me about how our energy was spent and how much it’s helping our planet



Want to do your part to minimize your footprint on the planet with minimal effort? Arcadia Power is a no brainer!



Arcadia Power has been a super easy way to support Green energy and manage/pay my power bill. It’s such a simple way to help with zero negative consequences.


South Carolina