Wind power with every energy bill.

Anyone who pays an energy bill can now connect to wind energy.

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Tap into wind energy at no cost

We partner with wind farms across the U.S. and purchase wind energy certificates to match 50% of your monthly energy usage, for free. No cost to you, no changes to your energy delivery, just renewable wind power. The success of our other nationwide programs allows us to provide everyone with access to wind energy for free.

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Send more wind energy to the power grid with each utility bill payment

While the renewable wind power produced by the wind farms will be used by local utilities, you receive the credit for generating that power. After we purchase wind power credits for you, you will receive official certificates every month for exactly how much wind power you helped produce.

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How it works

Connect your utility

Connect your local utility bill to our secure online platform so we can monitor your usage and make sure your electric bill is paid on time, every time.


We source wind energy

We match your energy usage to power produced by wind farms by purchasing wind energy certificates to match 50% or 100% of your energy usage every month, and send you a certificate of purchase with each monthly payment. These certificates represent your ownership of the kWhs produced by the wind farm.


Reduce your impact

You can easily monitor your impact and energy usage on your Arcadia Power dashboard.


Further reduce your impact with more wind power at home

For a couple of extra dollars each month, you can enroll in 100% wind energy. We’ll purchase wind power credits to match all of your home’s energy usage to further minimize your carbon footprint. We don’t believe in binding contracts, so cancel at anytime without a fee.

You have the right to clean wind power

For years, large companies have been purchasing wind turbine electricity but it’s been hard for everyday people to buy into the market. We believe everyone should have easy, affordable access to clean energy, so we made it simple. Now you can tap into wind energy in a matter of minutes.

Featured wind farm

Leaning Juniper I

Gilliam County, OR

Located in Northern Oregon, Leaning Juniper wind farm consists of three phases. Leaning Juniper has 67 turbines, which generate 101 megawatts of energy. Along with Phase IIa and IIb, the whole wind farm generates 302.3 megawatts.

Homes powered


Jobs created


Total megawatts




Join us in driving demand for new wind farms

When you support the purchase of wind energy certificates, you are making a meaningful investment in the continued production of wind power throughout the US. As more wind energy certificates are purchased, more wind farms need to be built. All of us can now all make the simple choice to drive demand for clean, renewable energy.

Support wind energy today without any equipment or contracts

You don’t need a home with a wind energy system. Enjoy all of the benefits of renewable wind power, with none of the hassle. Our goal is to make it easy and affordable for you tap into wind power for your home with each energy bill. Simply sign up online, and you’ll be connected to wind energy produced by farms across the country. All that changes is how your monthly electric bill gets paid.


We take security and privacy seriously, and offer bank-level security with PCI-DSS compliance for your payments which is the most stringent level of certification available in the payment industry.

Certifications & affiliations

We are a Green America certified Gold member, accredited by the BBB, and a member of the two leading renewable energy associations AWEA and SEIA.