Our Customers Love Us

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Andrew Porwancher

13 Sep, 2016

"Great customer service! Makes paying bills hassle-free. Oh, and it helps the planet. Win-win."

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Amber Sorrells

13 Sep, 2016

"I love that Arcadia Power offers clean energy to those of us that it’s not an option. It was a very simple sign up too."

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Anne Williams

25 Feb, 2016

"My soulmate and I signed up about a month ago and we love it!!!! I am proud to display my sticker that says 'my home is powered by 100% wind energy!' The recommendation program is awesome as well...."

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01 Jan, 2015

""This tweet proudly powered by the #wind. We are excited to be a new @ArcadiaPower 100% Clean Energy Partner. #Aedos 1, carbon 0. #cleanenergy""

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02 Nov, 2015

"This tweet proudly powered by #WindEnergy. Excited to have a 100% #CleanEnergy home thanks to @ArcadiaPower! Join me"

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19 Nov, 2015

"Woot! Excited! I just signed up my home for clean energy with @ArcadiaPower"

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22 Nov, 2015

"Switch to Renewable Power - You can do this TODAY! Takes 3 min & just a few $$ more/mo. Think of it as ur donation to Earth @ArcadiaPower"

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Holly Harris

06 Jan, 2016

"I signed up because 1. It seemed like a great idea and 2. I could justify stringing up my LED Christmas lights. Not a big price difference, and so much greener!"

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01 Jan, 2015

""I just signed up for #cleanenergy w/ @ArcadiaPower. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world...""

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23 Nov, 2015

"You can make sure your electric bill is guilt free @ArcadiaPower. "

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Erik Midelfort

01 Feb, 2016

"We signed up months ago, and it still seems like a really smart decision. "

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Dennis Myrick

01 Feb, 2016

"I have solar on the roof and the rest of my energy consumption is wind, I'm 100% clean energy. "