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NY RG&E Bill Pay Facts


Average Credit Card Fees with RG&E
(per year)


Average Credit Card Fees with Arcadia Power


Average RG&E bill in NY
(per month)

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Use Your Power Bill to Get Credit Card Points at No Cost

With the cost of living rising across the country, the last thing anyone needs is to be spending up to $100 a year in credit card fees from utility bills.

Arcadia Power never charges credit card fees, so you can earn your points without the extra costs!

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Avoid Paying Credit Card Fees

Average Credit Card Fees for Utilities by State

DC $3.95

IL $3.45

NY $3.35

VA $2.95

LA $2.95

IN $2.95

TX $2.95

MS $2.95

AR $2.95

PA $2.35

MS $2.25

IL $2.25

VA $1.65

IN $1.50

NC $1.50

KY $1.50

MI $1.50

CA $1.25