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Dominion Power of Eastern North Carolina


Over 10.39 million people call North Carolina home, thanks to the state’s lush terrain and abundance of natural beauty. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the eastern portion of the state, where it is known as the Coastal Plain region of the Inner and Outer Banks. Major cities of Wilmington, Greenville, and Jacksonville serve as historic and cultural hubs, where the South’s laidback mentality and positive outlook is encompassed in its residents. Outdoors enthusiasts can enjoy the area’s abundance of watersports activities, where one can enjoy dolphin and whale-watching tours daily, incredible fishing opportunities year-round, and abundant access to enjoy the ocean. And for aviation enthusiasts, eastern North Carolina also boasts the city of Kitty Hawk, the birthplace of aviation thanks to the Wright Brothers.

Serving the electric and natural gas energy needs for 119,000 North Carolinians is Dominion Power North Carolina. As part of the company’s role as a steward of the environment, Dominion Power North Carolina has taken steps towards providing sustainable energy to its customers. These efforts include wind power, for both onshore and offshore facilities. Solar energy has also become a large part of the company’s initiatives, investing $1 billion in its solar fleet. And to truly adapt to the North Carolina’s unique industries, Dominion Power has partnered with Smithfield foods to capture methane from hog farms.

Energy mix in NC

Energy source % Mix
Natural Gas

To accelerate the efforts of power companies, joining the Arcadia Power network enables you to help influence North Carolina to include more renewable and sustainable energy sources in their energy mix every time you pay your Dominion Power bill. When you pay your Dominion Power bill online with Arcadia Power, you show Dominion Power, and many other energy companies around the U.S., that consumers want clean energy for a brighter, more sustainable future to ensures a beautiful natural world for generations to come.

According to data compiled from the United States Energy Information Administration, the following is a list of energy-related facts about North Carolina:

  • As of 2017, North Carolina ranked 2nd in the nation in the amount of installed solar power, which is capable of generating a capacity of over 4,400 megawatts (MW).
  • North Carolina’s 3 biodiesel plants have a combined production capacity of nearly 16 million gallons/year.
  • 3rd among the states in net electricity generation from nuclear power in 2017, North Carolina produced almost 7% of the country’s total output.
  • North Carolina is the Southeast’s largest wind farm, which has a generating capacity of 208 megawatts (MW) from 104 tall turbines.

Forget fees, earn points and save

Arcadia Power fee per transaction


Example annual breakdown on a $100 power bill
Transaction fees
Cash back on a 2% rewards card
Total annual value
Dominion Power fee per transaction


Example annual breakdown on a $100 power bill
Transaction fees
Cash back on a 2% rewards card
$ 4
Total annual value

How does Arcadia Power help me pay my Dominion Power bill more efficiently?

When you enroll in Bill Pay, Arcadia Power will receive your Dominion Power bill and we will send you one statement. This makes how you pay Dominion Power bills easier.

However, if you aren’t enrolled in Arcadia Power’s Bill Pay program, you will continue to receive your Dominion Power utility bills Additionally, if you receive separate utility bills for gas, water, or sewage, those bills from your Dominion Power (and other utilities) will continue to come in the mail.

If you’re curious, here’s how the process works:


Your Dominion Power bill is sent directly to Arcadia Power.


We email you a statement that includes your utility bill charge, your clean energy and overall energy usage, and savings credits or charges from any Arcadia Power programs you are enrolled in.


Three days after we send your statement, we charge the payment method you provided to make sure your electric bill is paid on time, every time. And since you’re set up for autopay, you won’t need to do a thing.


We take security and privacy seriously, and offer bank-level security with PCI-DSS compliance for your payments which is the most stringent level of certification available in the payment industry.

Certifications & affiliations

We are a Green America certified Gold member, accredited by the BBB, and a member of the two leading renewable energy associations AWEA and SEIA.

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