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You get notified when your statement is available

Put your National Grid bill on worry-free mode with Arcadia Power’s efficient and user friendly platform. First, simply connect your National Grid information to a secure account and select your preferred payment. Once connected, Arcadia Power will send you a statement 72 hours prior to processing your payment for you.


Your National Grid bill payment is processed on time, automatically

Without confusing statements or payment options, we process your National Grid payment automatically. Need to delay a payment or stop the service entirely? No problem, there are many in app abilities or you can just contact us.


You’re all set

Your National Grid bill is now paid on time, every time. We will continue to look for ways to save you money while you earn Arcadia Power reward points and mileage. Interested in clean energy? See your potential availability for our community solar or wind energy programs.

Forget fees, earn points and save

Arcadia Power fee per transaction


Example annual breakdown on a $100 power bill
Transaction fees
Cash back on a 2% rewards card
Average savings from our automatic savings programs
Total annual value
National Grid fee per transaction


Example annual breakdown on a $100 power bill
Transaction fees
Cash back on a 2% rewards card
Total annual value

Massachusetts Energy Usage

Natural Gas generated in Massachusetts, as of June 2018, was a substantial 79.4% of all electricity generation which is far more than double the average state. Renewables, on the other hand, have barely reached 14% of total generated electricity which is about 6% lower than the state average. However, wind and solar energy is difficult to generate as a residential energy customer, that's where we come in. By signing up with Arcadia Power and taking advantage of the available energy programs in your area we can work to offset your energy usage with renewable credits according to your personal National Grid bill.

Plus, enjoy these extra free perks

Automatic savings

Save every month on your National Grid Bill with our Price Alerts, Community Solar, and Home Efficiency programs.

Renewable energy

Purchasing and installing your own solar panels is expensive and complicated. Sign up with our services and have the same environmental impact without the cost. We analyze your National Grid bill and purchase renewable energy credits from wind and solar energy farms accordingly.

Energy dashboard

Avoid those confusing National Grid energy bills with our dashboard. View your energy information, potential savings, and available programs at home and on the go.

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