Share clean energy & savings with Arcadia Power’s Referral Program.

Invite friends to save money with clean energy by sending them an invitation to sign up for Arcadia Power via your Arcadia Power dashboard.

Get started referring friends using email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Send invites

Have a lot of friends?

No problem! There is no limit to the number of people you can refer. Plus, if you refer 5 or more friends we will send you a free Nest Thermostat E.

How it works


Once you sign up for Arcadia Power we will create a unique referral link for you to share with your friends and family.


From the Referrals section of your Arcadia Power Dashboard you can access your unique referral link and share it directly to your social media profiles or via email to your friends and family. (If you have Gmail or Yahoo Mail you can even sync your contacts and send Clean Energy to everyone in your contact list!)


Your friends and family can then use your unique referral link to sign up for Arcadia Power. Once they have completed the sign-up process and connected their billing information you will both receive a $50 credit on your Arcadia Power account.

The details

We will give you $50 for each person you refer who has a National Grid, NYSEG or RG&E electricity account in New York, and BGE and Pepco MD in Maryland. (Did you refer someone who has a different electricity account? Don’t worry, we will still reward you! Check out our Nationwide Referral details here )

Make sure your payment method is connected to your Arcadia Power account to be eligible for our referral program. (This allows us to credit your account for each person you refer who completes the sign up process.)

You can refer as many people as you want!

Your monetary rewards will be credited to your Arcadia Power account and we will ship the Nest Thermostat E directly to you, for free.

This promotion is for new referrals only.