How it works


Connect your utility

Connect your local utility account to sign up for Price Alerts.


We find you a lower rate

Using our technology and buying power, we find you a lower rate on energy.


You save, hassle free

Sit back and enjoy the savings. Change your mind? Start or stop anytime with no fee.

Available in select states

Price Alerts is currently available in states that have retail energy choice. Please see below for availability.

Watch our video to learn more about Price Alerts.

Here's what people are saying

There’s no reason not to join. It doesn’t cost you a penny extra to get started on their free option, and it supports clean energy that doesn’t ruin our planet. Their bill pay has always been reliable 100% of the time, I get mileage on my credit card, and I don’t even have to think about worrying if I paid it each month. I would recommend it to anyone.


Every contact I have had with someone at Acadia has been very pleasant and constructive. I am very happy with my rates and feel a lot better about voting with my family’s energy spending dollar.


Love love love this service! My bill has nearly been cut in half and I’m helping the planet at the same time. It just doesn’t get any better. I am referring everyone I know to make the switch!