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With Arcadia Power, you get a beautiful, personalized dashboard allowing you to track your impact and savings.

Our offerings

Members get access to one or more of our clean energy and money saving programs.

Price Alerts

Save On Your Energy Plan

We monitor the energy market in your area and find you the best deal out there. We do all the work, you save all the money.

  1. Link your local utility account by entering in your account information.
  2. When we find a better rate, we’ll alert you.
  3. Sit back and enjoy the savings, hassle free. We'll continue monitoring the market to keep you on the best rate.
Wind Energy

Choose Wind Energy

When you pay your power bill through Arcadia Power, you invest in our nation's wind farms. Sign up for free to support 50% wind energy with every power bill, or pay a few dollars extra each month to support 100% wind energy.

  1. Link your local utility account by entering in your account information.
  2. Select a wind energy plan. For no extra cost we will match 50% of your usage with Green-e certified renewable energy certificates, and for only a few extra dollars a month (1.5c/kWh), you can go 100%.
  3. View your impact and energy usage in our easy to navigate platform.
Wind Energy is a is Green-e® Energy certified, and meets the environmental and consumer- protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at
Solar Co-op

Save with Community Solar

For many of us, it's impossible to install our own solar panels. We've created a program that allows you to purchase a share of a community-owned solar panel, and save on your energy bill each month.

  1. After choosing your membership plan, you can subscribe to one or more panels from a community solar farm.
  2. We will apply savings to your energy bill each month based on exactly what your panels produce.
  3. Enjoy solar savings for years with no installation, no home visits. If you move, your savings move with you.
Home Efficiency

Upgrade Your Home

With energy efficient products like Nest® thermostats and LED lighting, you can save on energy costs and increase the comfort of your home. Get the latest products at no upfront cost.

  1. Tell us a bit about your home and lifestyle.
  2. We’ll select energy efficient products that are right for you, like a Nest® thermostat or LED bulbs.
  3. We'll send them to you at no upfront charge, and you pay for them over time with the savings they generate each month.