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  • Maryland introduced a solar initiative in 2015 that allows Marylanders to receive savings from remote, shared community solar farm on their bill.
  • In 2018 Arcadia Power made it even easier for Marylanders to take advantage of the 2015 solar initiative by launching a service to help Marylanders own solar shares without paying costs or signing long-term contracts.
  • Only 300 spots or less remain on average per project for 2018 projects, check availability now to lock-in your spot with a simple one minute online registration

Back in 2015 Maryland unleashed a massive initiative enabling anyone with a power bill to receive solar savings from local shared community solar farms when they are built in their area. Why? Community  solar enables residential electricity customers, like yourself, to share in the economic and environmental benefits of solar projects in your area, without having to install anything on  your  property. Better for the local environment and residents.

Although the initiative was released in 2015, complicated enrollment processes have restricted residents from wanting to participate and only a limited number of projects have been built. The initiative made it easier for projects to be built, in principal, but the actual projects typically required residents to sign 20 year contracts with exorbitant cancellation fees, have high FICO scores, and couldn’t move without being penalized. The initiative was in the right place, but it was too burdensome for residential customers to actually benefit from the new law.

Until this year, Arcadia Power, a nationwide energy service, has partnered with solar developers in Maryland to help wipe out the barriers for residents. Arcadia Power is unlocking no-cost, no-commitment, solar savings to virtually anyone that pays a power bill in Maryland by building local community solar farms all over Maryland.

Here’s how it works: Arcadia Power and their partners build a solar farm and allocate shares of the farm to Arcadia Power customers in the area, for free. When the community solar farm produces electricity, it is sold back to the local electricity grid, and anyone with shares of the community solar farm receives credits from the electricity sold. This results in a lower utility bill for the participants, and more local solar in the community.

The best part: it’s free to join and requires no cost, no commitment, no fees, and no cancellation penalty. The only thing you have to do is connect your Baltimore Gas & Electric or Pepco account to Arcadia Power’s online platform. The whole process takes two minutes, and you will lock-in your spot to save on your power bills for years.

There are limited spots available- only 700 per project per area - so lock-in your spot to get solar savings at no cost today.

September, 2018 update: 300 spots left on average per project. Check availability for the project in you area ASAP if you are interested.

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