New York state is one of the best places to live if you want to go solar, but traditional solar programs only work if you are willing to commit to a long-term 20 year contract, own your home with the perfect roof, have exceptional credit, and have the up-front cash. Less than 20% of households meet those requirements, and less than 1% have actually done it.

Arcadia Power is changing that.

With a mission to bring all Americans clean energy and savings, Arcadia Power is unlocking no-cost, no-commitment, solar savings to virtually anyone that pays a power bill in upstate New York. Arcadia Power is doing this by building 15 local community solar farms in empty, unused fields all over upstate New York from Buffalo to Albany.

These community solar farms are built with the purpose of giving residential participants - renters or homeowners - like yourself, savings from local shared solar projects.

Here’s how it works: when the community solar farm produces electricity, it is sold back to the local electricity grid, and the people who are signed up for the community solar farm receive credits from the electricity sold. This results in a lower utility bill for the participants, and more local solar in their community.

It is very simple, and makes logical sense - after all, why on earth should small residential roofs be the only place to install solar, when there are miles of unused, out-of-sight fields?

The best part: it’s free to join and requires no cost, no commitment, no fees, and no cancellation penalty. The only thing you have to do is connect your National Grid, Rochester Gas & Electric, or NYSEG account to Arcadia Power’s online platform. The whole process takes two minutes, and you will lock-in your spot to save on your power bills for years.

There are limited spots available, 700 per project per area, so lock-in your spot to get solar savings at no cost today.

Latest update: 435 spots left on average per project. Check availability for the project in you area ASAP if you are interested.

Limited Spots Remain