Meet Rebecca. Rebecca lives in Brooklyn with her husband, is a financial consultant, and enjoys cycling and diving into a good book. Lately, she and her husband have been working on preparing their condo (and their budget) for the birth of their first child.

While Rebecca is interested in using less energy, to save money and low her carbon footprint, she hardly considers herself an energy geek. When we asked her about her relationship with energy, she said “I’m environmentally conscious, but not to an extreme degree…I like to turn things off [when not in use].” She’s energy savvy enough to know that she could reduce her energy consumption and get power from renewable sources, but as a renter she thought that’s where her options stopped. In her own words, “I don’t think about electricity as a bill that we could lower except by managing our consumption.”

All of that changed when Rebecca joined our Smart Rate program for deregulated energy markets.

New York is  a deregulated energy market, meaning that Rebecca has the freedom to choose which electric supplier she buys her power from. This ability to choose can potentially help homeowners and renters like Rebecca save money on their energy bills - at the expense of hours of research. Rebecca knew she had energy supply choices, but ultimately found those choices confusing and frustrating. Says Rebecca: “I knew I had options…I thought that if I didn’t choose something ConEd [the utility serving Brooklyn] would opt me in so it’s like, either I opt in or someone else makes the choice for me.”

Smart Rate

Fortunately, Rebecca is an Arcadia Power member. She doesn’t have to spend hours comparing electricity supply rates, crunching numbers and pouring over contract terms because our energy platform handles all the details for her. As an Arcadia Power member, Rebecca was automatically eligible to participate in one of the exclusively low energy supply deals we negotiated on behalf of our members in deregulated states (places like New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Delaware and the District of Columbia.)

In fact, all Rebecca had to do was check her email! Our Smart Rate program notified her when we found her a new energy rate, and she could change her enrollment with a single button press. Her member-exclusive rate came with extra perks: effortless enrollment, no extra bills and no cancellation penalty or hassle. She’s now saving on her energy bill, and she’s free to focus on the things that really matter to her: reading, biking, and getting ready to welcome her child.

And Rebecca’s not alone: we’ve helped thousands of people across the country save money on energy while lowering their carbon footprint. If you’d like to put your energy savings on “autopilot”, join Arcadia Power. Our members get access to savings and clean energy,  an intuitive personal energy dashboard and no-fee utility bill payment through our energy platform. Members have save as much as 30% on their bills - join them and start saving automatically with Arcadia Power.

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