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Arcadia Power was created to give everyone a simple, free way to choose renewable energy but we recently decided that free isn’t good enough. We challenged ourselves to dive deeper into the energy industry and find ways to save our customers money while giving them access to clean energy, all at no cost to you.

We are pleased to tell you that with our newest program you can do just that - save money and access clean energy.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up and connect your utility account
    Our secure platform scans your utility account to read the price you currently pay for energy and your monthly energy usage.
  2. We work, you save (money and the planet)
    Once we know how much you are currently paying for energy, we get to work to find you a lower price – all while making sure your monthly energy usage supports clean energy projects. You don’t even have to lift a finger.
  3. Rest easy knowing you always pay less than or equal to your utility’s price
    We track your new, lower, price alongside your utility’s standard price. If one drops below the other we automatically switch you to the lower price and eliminate the risk of overpaying.

We created this program to give you more choice when it comes to your energy sources and prices. It is one step towards a better energy experience, but it’s not the last. We are continuing to expand our programs to bring you even more choice in your energy sources and prices.

Come join us in changing the energy industry by signing up in two minutes:

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