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Don’t overpay for electricity

You have the power to choose where you buy your energy from.

But it can be hard to navigate the energy market. From fixed and variable rates to term lengths and hefty cancellation fees, there are a lot of variables to consider when calculating if you’ll pay more or less with a new supplier. Energy choice is supposed to give customers a better energy experience, but it doesn’t feel better to us.

So we built a free service that navigates the energy market for you to automatically place you on a rate below your utility’s and connect you to clean energy.

“A game changer for the renewable energy industry.”

We also built in a fail-safe.

If your utility’s rate ever becomes equal to or less than the rate you are on with Arcadia Power, we will automatically switch you back to your utility’s. When your utility’s rate goes back up, we will switch you back to our lower rate. You will always pay less than or equal to the price you would pay on your utility’s rate, without doing a thing.

And added clean energy.

According to the EIA, 34% of the total energy-related CO2 emissions in the U.S. come from the electric power sector. We think that’s too much, so we made it easier to do something about it.

“Clean energy doesn’t have to cost more.”

When we switch you to a lower rate with Arcadia Power, we not only help you save money, but we also make sure 50% of your energy usage supports clean energy from wind and solar farms. At no cost to you.

Let us show you what we can do. Connect your utility account to our secure service to get started. Our technology integrates with your utility to analyze how much energy you use and the price you pay. Then we get to work to find you a better price. Your utility will continue to deliver energy to your home without interruption, we just drive more clean energy to their grid while helping you pay less for that energy.