Almost all of us pay a power bill. Every month it comes, and we never know exactly what it will cost, but what we do know: it’s usually too much. Not only that, 70% of Americans’ electricity usage goes straight toward pollution-spewing coal and gas plants.

But there’s good news. Arcadia Power is a free service that allows you to sign up your utility account for renewable energy and lower rates.

How does it work?

Arcadia Power turned the normal electricity model on it’s head by building a business model that works on your behalf. Instead of supplying energy itself, Arcadia Power uses the collective buying power of over 250,000+ members to competitively bid on electricity rates lower than the utility’s from renewable energy sources, and only makes money from the suppliers when you save money.

The best part is there are no fees, all of it happens automatically, you are always in control, you will not get put on a higher rate, and you get to keep the same reliable service from your utility. Everything is built for your convenience.

To sign up simply plug your local electric utility information into Arcadia Power’s secure online platform. The whole process takes 2 minutes. Starting with your next power bill, you will be able to see the renewable energy projects and savings on your Arcadia Power dashboard.

Are you ready to save with clean energy? Sign up for free in 2 minutes right here.

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