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Almost all of us pay a power bill. Every month it comes, and we never know exactly what it will cost, but what we do know: it’s too much. Not only that, 70% of Americans’ electricity usage goes straight toward pollution-spewing coal and gas plants.

The good news? A new free energy service called Arcadia Power allows you to use your utility account to support clean energy sources, and automatically finds you a lower supply rate when available in your area.

Arcadia Power is available to renters and homeowners in all 50 states, and it only takes 2 minutes to sign up.

The best part is there are no cancellation fees, ever, and you never have to sign a long-term contract. Everything is built for your convenience.

To sign up simply plug your local electric utility information into Arcadia Power’s secure online platform. Two minutes later, you’re good to go. Starting with your next power bill, Arcadia Power will make sure your usage supports renewable energy projects, and automatically start looking for a lower rate than you are currently paying.

For the cherry on top: anyone who signs up for clean energy before the end of the month will get an additional $20 savings credit on their next power bill.

Sign up for free right now in 2 minutes, or read more about how it works here.

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