How it works

Connect your account

Take one minute to connect your local utility account to our platform and enroll in our clean energy and savings programs.


We do the work

We ensure your electricity usage supports renewable energy sources, and help you automatically save on your monthly power bill with programs such as Price Alerts and Community Solar.


You save

Track your impact, bills, renewable energy projects, usage and savings all from your Arcadia Power dashboard.


Here are a few ways you can save

Community buying power

Our community of over 150,000 members enables us to get you lower rates on clean energy from suppliers, and discounts on home efficiency products.

Automatic rate monitoring

Our platform automates the process of detecting whether there is a lower rate in your area than you are currently paying, and recommends you personalized ways to save.

Exclusive partnerships

Our relationships with electricity suppliers and vendors like Nest, enable us to pass on wholesale electricity and product savings to you.

No payment transaction fees

Most utilities charge a payment transaction fee every time you pay your power bill. We have removed those, saving you money and earning your credit card’s rewards points.

How is Arcadia Power free?

We use the size of the Arcadia Power member community (aka all of you) to secure exclusively low prices from industry partners on energy rates and premium products, allowing us to provide you with supply rates that are below what you were previously paying, and access to low prices on our premium programs.

When we connect you to a new energy supplier or a clean energy program, we make some money from our supplier partners, which allows us to offer you our membership at no cost. Additionally, we have premium programs that you can upgrade to in your account.

Our certifications

We are a Green America certified Gold member, accredited by the BBB, and a member of the two leading renewable energy associations AWEA and SEIA.

Our security

We take security and privacy seriously, and offer bank-level security with PCI-DSS compliance for your payments which is the most stringent level of certification available in the payment industry.