Together we are resilient

Add $1 /month to your power bill and send clean energy to communities struck by climate disaster.


Sustainable disaster recovery is possible

The Footprint Project sends solar power generators and infrastructure to disaster zones, where recovery efforts often rely on fossil fuels and plastics. Commit to donating $1/month to these efforts.

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Add a dollar
Commit to adding one dollar to your power bill every month when you pay it through Arcadia Power.
Support recovery
We’ll make sure 100% of the funds go directly to The Footprint Project, and their clean energy operations.
Track your impact
We’ll update you regularly on the positive impact that your donations are having in disaster stricken communities.
Your donations in action

Veteran responders receive solar array

Standing Rock tribal leadership invited the Veteran Service Corps to steward and restore a twenty-nine-acre property in Promise, South Dakota.

A 3kW solar array with 10kWh LI storage was deployed to support their resilience and pipeline prevention efforts, power local events, train communities on renewable energy, and respond to environmental emergencies.

The Footprint Project is on a mission to turn every disaster into an opportunity for sustainable development. They help emergency responders deploy clean technologies that power immediate lifesaving efforts while supporting long-term, resilient recovery.

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