One year,
one flat price.

Enroll in Flat Bill today and pay a month for your electricity bill, for the next 12 months, with zero cancellation fees.


How it works

Each month your utility sends your bill straight to us, and we pay them the full amount.
We send you a statement for your flat price of $ and match 100% of your energy usage with wind energy at no extra cost.
You never pay more than your Flat Bill amount. There are no additional fees or charges and there is no cost to cancel.

Finally, a predictable bill.

A year of predictability.

Go ahead and relax, with Flat Bill your electricity bill is always going to be $ for the next year.

No tricks, no true-ups.

When we say a year, we mean a year. No matter what happens in the energy market, with the weather, or even in your usage patterns, you won’t run into hidden fees at the end of the year.


How was my price calculated?

A lot of variables can impact the amount of energy you use and prices your utility charges over the year. Our technology uses your highest bill of $ and average bill of $ to generate your Flat Bill price — along with factoring in your behavior, weather variations, and changes in supply costs.

Get paid to use less.

When your utility bill is lower than your flat price, we reward you. At the end of the term you’ll get $1 back for every $10 you go below your Flat Bill price and we’ll set you up with a lower offer.

Terms & conditions

If you choose to enroll in Flat Bill by clicking the link above, Arcadia Power will automatically withdraw the amount listed as your Flat Bill offer for 12 consecutive months. In turn, Arcadia Power will pay the full amount due for your utility account enrolled with Arcadia Power for the same 12 consecutive months, regardless of whether it is more or less than your Flat Bill offer. At the end of 12 months, Arcadia Power will calculate how much money it paid on your behalf to your utility and give you one dollar for every ten dollar increment that you paid over that amount. Amounts will be credited on your Arcadia Power statement. In order to receive the rebate offer, you must stay on the Flat Bill program for the full 12 months.

This is a limited time offer, and is only valid for Arcadia Power customers who sign up for Arcadia Power billing services and who accept our Terms and Privacy Policy. Arcadia Power reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time. Offer limited to one per utility account. You may cancel at any time without charge. Void where prohibited or restricted by law or regulation.