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Here's what people are saying

As renters who have moved twice in the past two years, Arcadia has empowered us to support (and benefit from) a solar installation independent of our home.

Arlo, Becca, & Ronia


Our home’s location is not ideal for solar panels but Arcadia Power allows us to receive solar savings from panels located in New Jersey!



Arcadia Power has both empowered me to choose wind and solar energy over coal and nuclear energy, and has helped me to be a better ecological steward.


New Hampshire

I love being part of Arcadia Power and Solar Power programs. I feel good knowing that wind and solar providers are being supported and that my energy needs are coming from these sustainable sources.



As a renter, I can’t install solar panels at home. I love that the Solar Co-op program lets me support clean energy and benefit from the savings!



I love how Arcadia Solar Co-op democratizes solar ownership. It feels great to be using 100% renewable energy at home! Signing up was super simple!



I subscribed to Arcadia’s Solar Co-op program and have bought 10 panels, and they’ve been returning 30 to 90 dollars every month. The payback period will be around 6 years (or less) – better than any of the local solar contractors were promising.



Our house is not oriented in a way that does not allow us to go fully solar dependent, so Arcadia Power has been a fabulous solution to supplement our energy usage with the Solar Co-op program.