Tapping into solar savings has never been this easy

Available to homeowners and renters

If you pay a utility bill, you can tap into solar savings.

No installation or maintenance

Arcadia Power maintains the solar farm on a remote property.

No cancellation fees. Ever.

Signing up is free. Start or stop at any time with no fees.

Here's what people are saying

Arcadia provides a valuable option to get clean energy for those who can’t put solar panels on their roofs, with some options being free or almost free over the long term.


Helping me go green in 2018! Their website is easy to use and understand. Looking forward to buying more solar panels in the next couple of months.


I was skeptical about Arcadia at first, it seemed to good to be true. I was wrong! I’ve been using Arcadia now for 5 months and I love it. It is such a simple way to decrease the negative footprint you leave on the environment.


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